Join us in our mission of Closing the Gaps!  Some of the ways in which you can be involved include:

  • Donations and grants for specific projects
  • Gifts of land and easements for trails
  • Gifts by will or trust

Please send a contribution of whatever size you feel you can make to help with the costly process of permanent land acquisition for trails in the Portland metro area. The Land Trust is supported almost entirely through private, tax-deductible contributions.

Your contribution is an important and effective way of acting upon your belief that a trail system in the Portland metro area will be a permanent and lasting monument to our area.

For more information about giving to the 40 Mile Loop Land Trust, email or call (503) 665-5519 or (503)244-7206.

Mail the form and your contribution to:

40-Mile Loop Land Trust
P.O. Box 262
Portland, OR 97207