City and County Agencies

  • Clackamas County Parks  They manage four county parks.
  • Green Scene Newsletter  Metro’s publication about the region’s natural areas and outdoor events.
  • Metro  Metro protects open space and parks, plans for land use and transportation, and manages garbage disposal and recycling for 1.3 million residents in three counties and 24 cities in the Portland, Oregon region.
  • Portland Parks & Recreation  They are the steward of 10,000 acres of land.
  • Washington County Parks  Manage Hagg Lake and Metzger Park.

Outdoor Clubs

  • Audubon Society of Portland  Very active organization with numerous trips and activities.
  • Mazamas  Oregon’s famous climbing club. The Mazamas offer a variety of  outdoor activities.
  • Oregon Nordic Club  Primary a singles-social cub that has monthly potlucks and all types of outdoor activities with the emphasis on cross-country skiing.  Most of the trips are on the week-end – they also have week-long outdoor trips.

Clubs for Hiking and Walking

  • Columbia River Volkssport/Walking Club  CRVC is a non-profit organization based in Portland, Oregon.  CRVC organizes quality non-competitive walking events in scenic and historic areas.
  • Portland Barefoot Hikers  Informal group that organizes barefoot hikes in the Portland area. Site includes group overview and contact information.
  • Team Oregon  Devoted to runners and walkers of all ages, with coaching, publications, rehabilitation, and forum pages.
  • Trails Club of Oregon  They have hikes and other outdoor activities, open to the public, scheduled nearly every weekend year round.
  • Walking Clubs in Oregon  This is an excellent resource if you love to walk or want to start walking.
  • Willamette Pedestrian Coalition  WPC is a non-profit community-based membership organization in the greater Portland area dedicated to promoting walking and making the conditions for walking safe and attractive.