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News: Board member Jim Sjulin created a GoogleMyMaps of the 40-Mile Loop. Notably, it includes other Portland and Vancouver area trails, which is helpful for our regional partners as well as folks who use the Loop or area trails.

The map is a living document, a work in progress. There are 10 layers on the map. One can close every layer except the 40-Mile Loop to more clearly see the status of the 40-Mile Loop itself (as illustrated in the screenshot below). Click on individual trail segments for more detailed information. There’s a color code key for the map “floating” over the Coast Range.

We’ve removed our 2014 trail map. The board is considering whether we should invest the time and money into creating and printing a new map.

Screenshot (August 2023)

Additional trail map resources:

We continue to advocate for closing the gaps and making the trail accessible to users of all abilities across the region.