New Board Members and Leadership Changes

After years of asking, Bob Akers finally talked the Board into letting him step down as our President. The Board members present at our December 2020 meeting unanimously elected Laura (Lou) Reynoldson as our new president.

Lou has been actively working with the board since 2018 and has supported the board since 2015.  She is a graphic artist and marketing professional with a passion for active transportation. Safety and equity are her priorities, and she is working toward a future for the 40-Mile Loop with a diverse board, to close gaps and encourage our communities to explore our active transportation assets. Read Lou’s full bio here.

Lou and her two children riding their bikes on the 30 Mile Loop Trail in Portland.
Lou and her two children riding their bikes on the 40 Mile Loop in Portland.

The Board reaffirmed the following directors/roles: Walter Valenta as Vice-President, Pat Jewett as Treasurer, and Deb Scott as Secretary.

The Board also welcomed new member Dave Elkin. Read Dave’s bio here.

If you are interested in our work, coming to meetings, even joining our board, please reach out to us at We’d love to see greater representation from all members of our community across the 40 Mile Loop!

Metro joined us for our meeting to pass the torch from Mel Huie, who is retiring from Metro after 44 years of public service! While Metro looks for a Regional Trails Coordinator, Karen Vitkay will be Metro’s liaison to the 40 Mile Loop Land Trust. Thank you to Metro for continuing to support our board’s work and safe access to trails, parks, and natural areas across the region.

If you haven’t received information from Rob Wojtanik, Metro’s Parks and Nature Planning Manager, about the celebrations being planned for Mel, contact us at and we’ll forward the information.