Francie Royce, Board Member

Francie Royce

“My goal as a member of The 40 Mile Loop Board is to advocate for the completion of one of the best regional trail system plans in the country.”

                                                                         -Francie Royce

Francie Royce was born in Denver, CO and moved all around the country growing up. Her father was an airline pilot and she inherited her deep love for movement, travel and exploration from him. At the very same time, it is perhaps Francie’s inherent value of hard work and her ability to work steadily over time to achieve large long-term goals that makes her such an asset on the 40-Mile Loop board. She joined in 2010.

Both Francie and her husband, Michael, have enduring and persevering characters. Their third child was born on the first day of Michael’s law school class at Lewis and Clark and life was hectic for a few years for them. Michael drove a school bus in the morning and after school, while Francie worked nights as a janitor at Portland State University (PSU). All the while, Francie took one class at a time until completing her undergraduate degree.

When Francie graduated with a BS in Psychology and an Urban Studies Certificate, she immediately was offered work at the City of Portland Planning Bureau. For the next several years, she slowly, one or two classes at a time while working and being a mom to three active children, completed her Masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning at PSU. Ever the adventurer at heart, Francie eventually took a three month leave from the City and went to Costa Rica, with her youngest daughter, to fulfill her degree internship requirement. There she worked in a rural community outside of San Jose on the transit element of a comprehensive plan.

Francie is a real lover of sustainable development and the natural environment. After 23 years as a planner and project manager with the City of Portland, she retired to enjoy life as a volunteer on three boards of directors: The 40-Mile Loop, npGreenway (which she co-founded), and Green Empowerment. In addition her non-profit work, Francie tries her hand at creative non-fiction writing (which focuses around some of her favorite travel experiences), traveling internationally and in the U.S., exploring new places for walking and biking with her many friends, and spending time with her five grand children. Look for Francie’s articles occasionally printed in Walk About Magazine.