Other Sites

  • American Hiking Society  Learn about the health benefits of hiking and tips for taking kids on the trail. There’s also a checklist to ensure a safe trip, hints on battling bugs on the trail and much more.
  • Guide to Orienteering  This is an excellent resource about orienteering that one of Eva Valo’s sixth grade students at Monument Charter School found on the internet.
  • Recreation Government  The federal government has dedicated this Web site to recreation information. Links include: auto touring, biking, boating, historic/cultural sites, hiking, recreational vehicles and much more. Click on any state to get a list of recreation areas.  Access recreation maps that link to “dynamic maps” of your destination. Search by destination’s name, location in a particular city or state. Also search by the type of activity.
  • US Orienteering Federation  If you love exploring the outdoors and are interested in geography and maps; here’s a sport to try. First you learn how to navigate with a map and compass. Then you’re ready for the workout part. “Run, walk, ski, or mountain bike to a series of points shown on the map.” Find a schedule of activities near you by clicking “local club” at the bottom of the main page.